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John Trojanowsky
Executive Director

house Youth Bureau
 200 Oxford Avenue
        Lancaster, NY 14086

phone 716-683-4444 ext. 144
fax 716-683-4447
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Cindy Stypa
phone 716-683-4444 ext. 143

Danielle Pitirri
Social Worker
phone 716-683-4444 ext. 145




Mindy Muench
Youth Court - Volunteer Coordinator
phone 716-683-4444 ext. 149

Jennifer Kiebzak
Youth Counselor
phone 716-683-4444 ext. 146

Nicole Gunsher
Program Coordinator
phone 716-683-4444 ext. 147

Nina Wright
PT Program Coordinator

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Summer hours: June 28th to September 3rd –– Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM                              

Youth Bureau Annual Reports 

The  Annual Reports of the Youth Bureau can be viewed using the link below. 

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Newsletters & Brochures   

2023 Summer Brochure
Main Function of Department:


The Mission of the Town of Lancaster Youth Bureau is to provide opportunities for all youth to be

come caring, responsible, healthy and contributing members of our community. We will be proactive in providing programs that will promote and enhance youth development, positive self-image, healthy lifestyles, and strengthen families. We will work to create a community that is safe, supportive and nurtures the values that allow our youth to become contributing members of society.

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Children's Clothes Closet

The Children’s Clothes Closet is available year round to provide free used clothing to local families in need. In September, it is stocked with donations of fall and winter clothes. In March, it is re-stocked with spring and summer clothes. The sizes range from infant to high school age youth.

Donations of good used and new clothing are always welcomed. The Youth Bureau is open to receive donations Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

School Supply Closet
The Lancaster Youth Bureau receives donations of new school supplies which are distributed to families who are eligible for the free lunch program in the Lancaster School District. Eligible families receive a referral letter prior to the new school year, informing them of the time and date of the school supply distribution.

For more information regarding eligibility or to make a donation to this program call 683-4444.

Holiday Distribution to Families in Need
During the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, families in need are provided with various food items donated to the Youth Bureau for distribution. For information on receiving assistance or making a donation, please call 683-4444.

Educational Programs

Tutorial Program

pdf 2022-2023 Tutoring Registration form.pdf

pdf 2022-2023 Tutoring schedule.pdf

During the school year tutorial assistance is available to students having difficulty with one or more subjects, in an attempt to improve attitudes, work habits and academic performance.

Tutorial assistance is offered for elementary, middle or high school students having difficulty with any of the major subject areas. Tutoring classes are held at the Youth Bureau and are scheduled after school (late afternoon/early evening).

Fees are $14.00 per hourly tutoring session for Town of Lancaster residents and $16.00 per hourly session for non-residents. Registration fees are due at the beginning of each ten week session. Registrations can also take place on a pro-rated basis once each session has started. Once an individual is registered, no refunds can be made for any reason except for cancelled classes that cannot be rescheduled.

Special Exam Preparation Classes for Regents Exams are held in June.

Lancaster Family Support Center

Fitting All the Pieces Together…
The Lancaster Family Support Center is part of the School/Community Collaboration. The Family Support Center was created so that families that were in need in the Lancaster Community, would have access to easy, affordable priority care in counseling and prevention. The Family Support Center works with families that have been referred by the school or self-referral, to assist them with their identified needs. Working together can increase the likelihood of success in school, at home and in all aspects of a child’s life.

The Lancaster Family Support Center Provides:

  • Links with community resources
  • Assessments, referral and follow-up
  • Prevention programs
  • Intervention programs
  • Training and staff development

For Further Information Contact:
George Brimmer, Coordinator
Lancaster Family Support Center
located in the Lancaster Middle School
129 Aurora Street
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 686-3806

Health & Wellness Program

This is a half day program where middle school students participate in small group workshops which are led by Youth Bureau staff along with trained high school peer facilitators. This abstinence based program takes place at the Town of Lancaster Youth Bureau during the regular school day. Eighth grade students from Lancaster Middle School and seventh grade students from Depew Middle School take part in this program. Topics covered include: sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, high risk behaviors, life skills, and community resources.

Mentoring Programs

"Mentor and Me" Mentoring Program
This program is designed to assist in the early detection and prevention of school adjustment problems. Students who are having difficulty adjusting to certain life or school situations are referred to the program by school staff. Upon receiving parental consent, identified students are assigned to meet with a mentor for one-half hour each week during which time they will receive a little extra support and encouragement. The mentors are adult volunteers from local universities who are interviewed, trained, and supervised by the program coordinator, school psychologists and social workers. The "Mentor and Me" Program takes place during the regular school day from October through May.

Opportunities for Success
Through the Opportunities for Success Program, students in 7th and 8th grade are paired with a trained mentor and meet periodically in individual and group settings. The goal of the program is to help students become more involved in school related activities and become more academically successful, preventing them from dropping out of school. The students also have the opportunity to explore future career goals with their mentor. Participants of OFS are invited to attend weekly group activities as well as monthly field trips. The mentors who meet with the students during the school day also consistently attend these group activities as well as the Youth Bureau Program Coordinator, Family Support Coordinator and Student Resource Officer from the Lancaster Middle School. These group activities help the students with socialization and the chance to connect with adults as well as their peers in a group setting.

Summer Programs

The Safe Summer Program includes Reading & Math Skills Reinforcement Classes, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Creative Writing, Fitness Fun, Studio in Art Classes, Karate for Kids, Science Workshops, Music Workshops, Field Trips, along with Junior Finance, Police and Fire Academies.

The Summer Performing Arts Academy presents a children’s production with 3rd through 8th grade students, and a teen production with 8th grade through college students each summer.

Teen Volunteer Program

The Teen Volunteer Program provides volunteer opportunities for youth ages 12 through 20 on a year round basis. Youth are able to choose which activities they would like to participate in whether it be working with the senior citizens, children, person with disabilities, or simply lending a hand at a community event!

The purpose of the volunteer program is two fold:

  1. To provide opportunities for all Town of Lancaster Youth to become caring, responsible, healthy and contributing members of their community.
  2. To provide local agencies and organizations with responsible, caring, and able young people who are willing to dedicate their time and energy to make a positive difference in the community through service activities.

Benefits Of Volunteering

  • Gain excellent life experiences for future employment, college, and other endeavors
  • An opportunity to earn additional school credits (Lancaster Students Only)
  • Meet a variety of people and make new friends
  • Personal satisfaction of helping those in need
  • A chance to explore different fields for a future career

For Further Information Contact:
Mindy Muench, Volunteer Coordinator
Lancaster Youth Bureau
200 Oxford Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 683-4444 Ext. 149

Youth Board & DAPC

The Town of Lancaster Youth Board and Drug Abuse Prevention Council are advisory committees of the Town of Lancaster Youth Bureau appointed by the Town Board.

The Youth Board and Drug Abuse Prevention Council advise the Youth Bureau staff in fostering a society in which all youth can develop into responsible adults. This is accomplished by exploring, promoting and providing programs to meet the various needs of the Town of Lancaster youth. In their advisory capacity, they identify problems and needs of youth through studies conducted by the Youth Bureau staff, and establish priorities on the over-all work of the Youth Bureau.

Youth Board Members
Keith Kerl, Chair
Cesar Marchioli, Vice Chair                                                                                                            Michael Candella                                                                                                                                    Elle Dehn
Chloe Finlayson
Suzanne Jacobs
Kaylie Jackson
Andrew Kufel
James Lupini
Gianna Marella
Anthony Marrano
John Parker
Daniel Paveljack
Jill Santoro
Rev. Richard Scheer
Harbir Singh                                                                                                                                            Rev. Paul Steller                                                                                                                                        Deb Skok-Watson                                                                                                                                  Brian Witt

Drug Abuse Prevention Council Members
William Karn
Linda Miller
Ann Murphy
Mark Melewski

Youth Court


What Is Youth Court?
Youth Court is a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for young people who have committed a crime or an offense. The goal of the Youth Court is to intervene in the early anti-social and delinquent behavior. Youth Court strives to promote feelings of self-esteem and a desire for self-improvement, and to foster a healthy attitude toward rules and authority. Youth Court also offers a law-related education program for young people who seek to become members of the court.

What Types Of Cases Are Heard In Youth Court?
Cases are generally referred by the police, probation dept., local courts and schools. Typical cases that may be heard in Youth Court include petit larceny, assault and unlawful possession of marijuana. Youth Court currently processes misdemeanors and violations under New York State Penal Law as well as various school infractions including truancy and smoking.

What Happens In Youth Court?
A youth, who has admitted guilt to a crime or an offense, appears for a sentencing hearing before a jury of peers. The jury is presented with the evidence, deliberates and passes sentence. Sentences include apology letters, research papers, community service, life skills workshops and counseling education, and serving as a jury member on another Youth Court hearing.

Who Participates In Youth Court Proceedings?
Youth Court proceedings involve an offender, jurors and members in the roles of judge, prosecutor, defender, clerk/bailiff, and jury foreperson. Each of these individuals is a student attending Lancaster or Depew High School, or area private high schools. An adult serves as Coordinator to oversee the operation of the court.

Membership Requirements
Members of Youth Court consist of high school students who have successfully completed a multi-week training program. Areas of instruction include an overview of the criminal justice system, NYS Penal Law, sentencing issues, the consequences of crime, Etc. The training program concludes with mock hearings to prepare members for participation in Youth Court proceedings.

For Further Information Contact:
Mindy Muench, Coordinator
Town Of Lancaster Youth Court
Lancaster Youth Bureau
200 Oxford Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 683-4444, Ext. 149

Youth Employment

The Youth Employment Program is a year round work referral program for youth ages 14-19. The purpose of the program is to provide area residents and neighboring businesses with responsible and skilled adolescent workers, in addition to providing valuable work experience for our local youth. Job opportunities include babysitting, yard work and house cleaning.

For Further Information Contact:

Jennifer Kiebzak, Coordinator
Town of Lancaster Youth Employment Program
Lancaster Youth Bureau
200 Oxford Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 683-4444, Ext. 146